PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell now available!

On Ignite conference Microsoft announced public preview of PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell!
It’s really good news for Microsoft Azure Cloud and PowerShell enthusiasts 🙂
Till now only Bash was available in Cloud Shell, now end user can choose what is best for him.

Probably some of you may ask “What is the difference between using PowerShell with Azure module on desktop and via Cloud Shell?”
Here are some points which can be very usefull 🙂

Azure drive (Azure:)
It enables easy discovery and navigation of Azure resources such as Compute or Storage which is very similar to filesystem navigation.
Within the context of a resource group path in the Azure drive, the resource group name is automatically passed to the Azure PowerShell cmdlets.
It allows using Azure PowerShell cmdlets to manage these resources.

Extensible model
You can easly install any module which is available in Powershell Gallery .
Once module is installed is available across all Cloud Shell sessions.
All installed modules can be found under $home\Documents\WindowsPowerShell

Azure mobile app integration
PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell is also available via Azure mobile app.
Even if you are away from your desktop, you will be able to run any script saved on your Cloud Drive or run any command you want.

Guest VMs management
PowerShell Cloud Shell built-in commands give opportunity to manage remotly Azure VMs.


Now you don’t need to login to machine to check for example status of specific service.

If you found any other news from Microsoft Ignite conference which are related to PowerShell please leave a link in comment.

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