Get computer objects from OUs


In this short article, I would like to share the PowerShell script for getting computer objects from parent Organizational Units (OUs).

Organizational Unit (OU) is a container in the Active Directory domain that can contain different objects from the same AD domain: other containers, groups, user and computer accounts.

Get computer objects

Recently I was asked to prepare a report in Excel and count objects in each OU. To do that I used commands from ActiveDirectory module and edit results in Excel with PivotChart option.

Basically, this script is based only on two Active Directory commands:

  • Get-ADOrganizationalUnit
  • Get-ADComputer

First, we have to get all OUs using Subtree in -SearchScope parameter:

(Get-ADOrganizationalUnit -Filter * -SearchBase 'OU=Servers,DC=powershellbros,DC=com' -SearchScope Subtree) | select DistinguishedName

Next, we have to loop each OU using Get-ADComputer command with -SearchBase parameter to get computer objects.

Final script:

	$OUs = (Get-ADOrganizationalUnit -Filter * -SearchBase 'OU=Servers,DC=powershellbros,DC=com' -SearchScope Subtree) | select DistinguishedName
	$Results = @()
	$Results = Foreach ($item in $OUs){
	    $ComputerObjects = Get-ADComputer -Filter * -SearchBase $item.DistinguishedName -SearchScope OneLevel
	        Foreach ($i in $ComputersObjects){
	            $Object = @{} | Select 'OU Distinguishedname', 'Computername'
	            $Object.Computername = $i.dnshostname
	            $Object.'OU Distinguishedname' = $item.DistinguishedName
	$Results | Export-Csv $env:userprofile\desktop\OUS.csv -Force -NoTypeInformation  


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