Execute Azure Data Factory pipeline

Hi! Today I have for you script which can help you with execute Azure Data Factory pipeline.

For those who never used Azure Data Factory – it’s Azure’s cloud ETL service for scale-out serverless data integration and data transformation. It’s very useful in scenarios when we want to automate a lot of things using different Azure data services.

One of the main feature of this service is pipeline. It’s a logical grouping of activities that together perform a task for example, you want to copy databases between servers at a specific time.

My script will allow you to execute Azure Data Factory pipeline and check result directly from PowerShell.


  • AZ module installed
  • Proper permission on Azure Data Factory level (Contributor will be best) and subscription.
  • Azure Data Factory with pipeline created


    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)][string]$ResourceGroupName,
    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)][string]$SubscriptionId,
    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)][string]$DatafactoryName,
    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)][string]$PipelineName

$azureDataFactory = Get-AzDataFactory -Name $DatafactoryName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName

if ($null -ne $azureDataFactory) {
    $pipeline = Get-AzureRmDataFactoryPipeline -Name $PipelineName -DataFactoryName $DatafactoryName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName

    if ($null -ne $pipeline) {

        $PipelineRunGuid = Invoke-AzDataFactoryV2Pipeline `
            -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName `
            -DatafactoryName $DatafactoryName `
            -PipelineName $PipelineName

        Get-AzDataFactoryV2PipelineRun -PipelineRunId $PipelineRunGuid -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -DataFactoryName $DatafactoryName
        Do {
            Start-Sleep -Seconds 3
        While ((Get-AzDataFactoryV2PipelineRun -PipelineRunId $PipelineRunGuid -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -DataFactoryName $DatafactoryName).Status -eq "InProgress")

        $Result = Get-AzDataFactoryV2PipelineRun -PipelineRunId $PipelineRunGuid -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -DataFactoryName $DatafactoryName
        if ($Result.Status -eq "Succeeded") {
            $Runtime = ($Result.DurationInMs / 1000)
            Write-Output "Runtime in Seconds: $Runtime"
            Write-Output "Pipeline $PipelineName execution finished with success. It tool $Runtime seconds"
        else {
            Write-Output "Pipeline $PipelineName execution finished with failure. "
    else {
        Write-Output "Pipeline $PipelineName can not be found under Data Factory $DataFactoryName"
else {
    Write-Output "Provided Data Factory name $DataFactoryName can not be found in subscription $SubscriptionId"

I hope that it will be usefull for some of you 😉


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