Function to remove old VMWare snapshots

Reffering to my last article about snapshots creation, I want to show you how to remove old VMWare snapshots. Below function will remove snapshots which are older than provided number of days. To work, function requires PowerCLI module to be installed on machine from which you want execute it. NOTE: Be aware that script will remove snapshots from all VMs to which your account has access!! In result you should …

Powershell function to create VMWare snapshots

For those who wants automate VMWare snapshots creation, I’ve prepared short Powershell function. Script requires to have PowerCLI (available here installed on machine where it will be run. It’s not too long, but it works. Function can be used in situations when we need to create snapshots for big number of VMs. I hope you will find this script useful and see you in the next article 🙂