Get ADFS product version using PowerShell

In this short arcticle you’re gonna find out how to check ADFS product version on multiple remote servers. Recently I had to scan my environment for auditing purpose. One of the tasks was to compare ADFS service product version. ADFS product version To check it on single machine we can use Get-Item cmdlet: It getting a little bit more complicated if you have plenty of severs and they are Server …

PowerShell Tip of the Week: Get SCCM client version remotely

In Todays tip you will find out how to check SCCM client version. To get this information we will use Get-WMIObject command. SCCM client version Information about SCCM client version is located under SMS_Client class in root\ccm namespace: You can also check SCCM client version remotely on servers from txt file list: To make the output look better we can use the following script.